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HLH Summer Reopening Event
Harlan-Lincoln House Newsletter Fall 2021

Hello everyone! I hope this newsletter finds you healthy and happy. When I first began drafting this article, I sat on the front porch of the Harlan-Lincoln House. The front porch continues to be one of the most complimented features of the house, second only to the bay windows on the east side of the house. The front porch is also the space where the Harlan-Lincoln House hosted the Reopening Event on Monday, July 12, 2021. The threat of rainy weather limited the availability of outdoor space, and the porch became the gathering spot to welcome visitors and volunteers. Fortunately, the rain held off while the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and guests enjoyed some light refreshments and quick tours of the house (with food and drinks kept outside, of course).

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Harlan-Lincoln House Newsletter Fall 2020

The publication Museum Registration Methods (MRM) is considered the “Bible” for collections management in the museums. This five hundred page tome covers everything related to the documentation and care of artifacts as well as how museums develop their collections and make them available to the public.

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