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Harlan-Lincoln House Newsletter Summer 2021

In late 2017 I had a conversation with the house. It was December, the first full week of daily operational hours for the Harlan-Lincoln House museum. After unlocking doors, turning on lights, and completing a final walk through to make sure everything was ready, I found myself with a quiet moment in the central hallway of the Harlan’s family home. While I don’t remember exactly what was said, it sounded something like, “Hi. As you know, I’m Anna, the new museum Director. I am going to be spending a lot of time here along with students, volunteers, and museum visitors. I hope our work adds to the continued stewardship of this place and its history. I hope we make you proud.” It also may have included an additional request to be spared from any spiritual visitors but, if asked directly, I will deny that part.

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