Letter from the Director

Hello everyone! Several weeks ago, during a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, I had an opportunity to visit the collections department of the museum and view Mary Harlan Lincoln’s cookbook. Cookbooks have a long and notable history. Four clay tablets dating back to 1700 BCE discovered in what was once Mesopotamia are thought to be the first recorded version of a cookbook. Another ancient example of a cookbook dates back to the 4th or 5th century. The book contains a collection of Greek and Roman dishes and ingredients include camel heels, peacock tongue, flamingo brains, and parrot heads. These ingredients and recipes would have been used by members of the lower-class to prepare meals exclusively enjoyed by the rich, upper-classes of society.

However, as mass printing and publishing developed in the 15th century and literacy rates began to rise in the 17th century, cookbooks became less of a luxury and more customary. In the spring of 1796, a woman named Amelia Simmons wrote what is believed to be the first cookbook written by an American and published in the United States. Women were the primary authors of American cookbooks and were an integral part of the publishing business by the mid-19th century. By the 20th century, cookbooks were some of the most popular bestsellers; when “Betty Crocker’s Cookbook” was first published in 1950, its sales rivaled that of the Bible. Today, millions of recipes are online and cookbooks are continuously sold in the thousands. For more information on the history of cookbooks, consider reading The Origin and Early Development of Modern Cookbooks by Henry Notaker, “Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project” by Jan Longone, or “From Egyptian tombs to modern days: The history of cookbooks” by Tracy Mumford.

Mary Harlan Lincoln’s cookbook, housed in the collections department of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois.

Cookbooks, like a diary or journal, tell the reader what was important to the author or collector of recipes at the time. Mary Harlan Lincoln’s collection of recipes included directions on how to cure bacon, make Rose’s cookies, and create popcorn hominy. These recipes demonstrate what influenced Mary’s life as she was collecting for her cookbook over time. Maybe bacon was Mary Harlan Lincoln’s favorite food. Perhaps the Rose of Rose’s cookies was Mary’s neighbor when her family lived in Chicago. Maybe the popcorn hominy was a childhood treat Mary brought to Washington, DC to remember her Midwestern roots. We may never know with certainty, but each recipe provides a glimpse into the past and Mary Harlan Lincoln’s life.

On behalf of the Friends of the Harlan-Lincoln House and Iowa Wesleyan University, thank you for your continued support.

Madison Pullis

Director of the Harlan-Lincoln House

Brown Bag Lecture Series

In March 2022, the Harlan-Lincoln House hosted the Brown Bag Lecture Series. Four different lectures were presented, along with an opportunity for people to travel to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. 

Thank you to the insightful and engaging speakers as well as the dedicated audience members who attended the lecture series.

You can view all of the 2022 Brown Bag Lectures at youtube.com/IowaWesleyanUniversity.

Thank You to Our Donors

Annual memberships in the Friends of the Harlan-Lincoln House organization advance the museum’s mission of preserving the house and its collection, interpreting the site to the public for its significance to the Harlan and Lincoln families, reinforcing the relationship to Iowa Wesleyan University, and fulfilling the home’s vital role in the living history of the University and the Mount Pleasant community. Support also allows the Harlan-Lincoln House to provide free admission as well as free educational programs throughout the year. The Friends of the Harlan-Lincoln House are grateful for the continued support of our dedicated members. 


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Quarterly Quandary

For this edition of the Quarterly Quandary, I will be testing you, the reader, to identify part of the collection found at the Harlan-Lincoln House. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, museum staff and volunteers have been cataloguing each artifact into a museum cataloguing database that helps track each object’s location, condition, and provenance (or record of ownership). This object is one that has been on display at the museum for a while.

Have you seen it before? Can you identify this object? Send your guesses and any stories you might have to Madison at hlhouse@iw.edu and check back in the next newsletter for answers!


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